It was only recently after David Lishman of Lishman’s of Ilkley led a series of Yorkshire-wide street sampling roadshows and events where over 3,500 locals helped choose an official winning Yorkshire sausage. Made with pork and spiced with cayenne, a pinch of nutmeg, white pepper, and mace the offical Yorkshire sausage now proudly ranks alongside other vintage English sausages such as:

Cumberland : This is a hefty, chunky sausage that’s easily identified, as it comes in a continuous spiral that is usually bought by length, not by weight. Spiced with pepper, this a flavorsome sausage, and an excellent all-around choice.

Gloucester : Which is made with Gloucester Old Spot Pork, nicely flavored with sage.

Lincolnshire : It’s all herby and meaty, often heady with sage and sometimes a little thyme.

Manchester : Seasoned with cloves, ginger, nutmeg, mace, and white pepper.

Marylebone: The traditional City of London’s butcher sausage using mace, sage, and ginger .

Oxford : A subtle savoury mixture of sage, marjoram, lemon, pork, and veal.

West Country : A moist pork and apple sausage using cider

Scottish Lorne : Made from a mixture of pork and beef. A conveniently square slicing sausage, perfect for making sandwiches

Suffolk sausage: A coarse ground sausage that is very similar to the Lincolnshire.

Tomato sausage: With a distinctive red colouring and sharp sweet tomato flavor, favoured by children.

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