Master Butchers

The artisan Collins sausages made by Rawlings of Cranleigh date back to a tried and tested recipe which was used by Mr Collins over a hundred years ago.

Artisan sausages in Surrey

Good quality pork, fresh seasoning and bread rusk, combined in such a way that the end product is succulent and tasty, keeps the customers coming back for their most popular variety.

Master Butchers in the south of England

A family run business their extensive and ever changing sausage selection includes Old English sausages with black pepper and sage, Pork And Leek, Pork And Local watercress, Local Lamb and Mint, Garlic & Chilli as well as Black pudding and Wild Mushroom.

All the sausages sold in the shop are made on site in a dedicated sausage area, to guarantee taste and freshness.


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