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Food and beverage photography in the East of England

bokehphotographic.co.uk – although I have now lived in land-locked Cambridgeshire for over 20 years I grew up on the coast in the North East of England. I first picked up a 35mm film SLR when I was 10 years old. Whilst I still own several analogue cameras I now only shoot professionally in digital format. However, I still regularly draw upon the skills learnt when first starting out with film and I continue to work in accordance with many of the principles of 35mm photography. In fact, analogue photography remains a key influence on my photographic style. In particular, I aim for natural images that are not heavily-processed or excessively-manipulated to avoid producing ‘overly-clinical’ images that lack emotion. The epidemic of disproportionate re-touching in photographic post-production is unfortunately not limited to models in glossy fashion magazines.  On a personal note it’s no coincidence that some of my favourite places (including the Isles of Scilly, Northumberland, Lake District, Wales and the North Norfolk Coast) offer not just superb photographic opportunities but the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. I regularly undertake conservation work for the Wildlife Trust; particularly scientific monitoring for a hazel dormouse reintroduction project for which I am licenced by Natural England to handle this very rare endangered species. It is probably just as well that I enjoy an active lifestyle (including hill walking, running, cycling and canoeing) as it means I keep trim despite sampling great produce when shooting Food & Drink Photography. It also allows me to dash around with lots of heavy camera kit without getting too puffed when on an Active Portraiture session or when loading heavy kit for a location shoot.